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Your business needs to run efficiently, smoothly, and worry-free. Your business needs Quickbooks.

Quickbooks is the leading company-managing software used by thousands of companies world-wide. Quickbooks offers accounting, billing, payroll, inventory, and more in a single program.

We can help you get started with Quickbooks. After assessing network setups, we’ll work closely with you to build Quickbooks around your workplace. Quickbooks comes in many editions, each to cater to a specific company type.


Link Up Technologies | Example Company Snapshot
Example Company Snapshot


Quickbooks can be installed into your network numerous ways. One PC could harbor the main Quickbooks Company file, while other systems on the same network access and modify it. The company file can also be stored and shared on a file server.  We provide free consultations to review your network set up and designate which edition and installation is right for you. QuickBooks can also be hosted in the cloud.

We can also help with converting your QuickBooks company files to Enterprise, Pro, or Premier if you have a situation where it makes more sense to convert or downgrade your company data in order to use a different version of QuickBooks (even when traditional support can’t help). We can also repair and rebuild damaged company files

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