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Why choose us to advise you?

AdviseWe want you to see as a business partner and not just another vendor looking to make a quick sale. When we go into business together either as your consultants or managed service provider, we’re in it for a long term relationship. Our job is to give you the best technical advice possible, while keeping your business needs and budgets in mind. We specialize and cater to the needs of small and medium sized businesses and you can expect to receive personalized service from our staff along with a touch of business savvy. Every business needs certified professionals to work on their computer networks, but decisions must sometimes be made from a non-technical point of view as well. We also believe in a vendor neutral approach because we work for YOU. You will always get the best advice from us because as your consultants we look out for YOUR best interests first and the interests of vendors and partners second.

The Process

We start by having a meeting with the business owner, manager, partners, or all of the above. The first step is to understand your business before we start recommending anything. A conversation about what you’re looking to accomplish is the best way to start. Once we have a solid understanding of your business, we pool our resources and have another internal meeting with key staff members to discuss ideas and exchange information. After we develop several options we’re able to clearly define a projects scope, cost, time-frames, and calculate what your return on investment (ROI) is likely to be.

Proven Results

Proven resultsWe’ve helped many other clients accomplish a wide variety of complex IT problems from many different companies. Because our consultants are exposed to so many different types of industries, they’ve seen a lot of different things and can apply ideas from one industry to another. One example where we routinely accomplish this successfully is how we approach computer network security. All too often computer network security is at the bottom of the priorities list for many small businesses. The cost for expensive “one-size fits all” enterprise security products are usually out of reach for most small business budgets, so we use a multi layered approach instead to not only secure the network better over a period of time, but at a lower cost. By implementing multiple layers of low cost SMB security products, you can often achieve the same, if not better results by using many different protection methods versus a “one-stop shop” or expensive proprietary solution. Everything depends on the situation of the business and buying the “best” and “most expensive” security product on the market is not always the best idea. It’s about what just works.

Policy and Philosophy

We’re very proud to be an American owned and operated company. In order to provide the highest level of quality and talented resources, our staff is strictly “in-house”, and works together in small teams like a large IT department would function. We don’t outsource any technical support, IT consulting, managed services, calls, or administrative labor overseas. Attention to detail is critical for our clients, and having a tight knit team that’s always on the same page and communicates regularly has a big impact on how well things get accomplished.

With the exception of software licenses, software subscriptions, and hardware products (which must sometimes be purchased from overseas companies), all confidential customer data, servers, databases, backups, storage, and support services we provide for our clients is located and maintained in data centers or offices in the United States. Our cloud products and managed services never store confidential information in overseas data centers and all calls are answered and handled by staff located in the United States.