Spam Filtering for Coral Springs Businesses

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  • Control and customize settings for your email in one central location.
  • Spam management tasks, change email passwords, and access quarantined and queued messages.
  • Block emails before it reaches your network. ┬áPreventing viruses, reducing network bandwidth usage, and less stress on your mail server.
  • View all emails labeled as junk/spam in one easy to view email each day.
  • Email continuity means you can access email in the event your mail server is not functioning. Any email that is unable to reach your server can be viewed in your Message Queue online.
  • Control anti-spam aggressiveness. In the event some spam does get through you can adjust how strict your spam filter is.
  • Use mail protection with any mail infrastructure you currently have.
    Message logging and search ability allows you to view full delivery logs and detailed tracking information on each individual mail sent.
  • Easy to use blacklist (banned senders/recipients) and whitelist (approved senders/recipients)
  • Generate reports for inbound and outbound messages for detailed breakdown of all spam, virus, and legitimate messages.

Growing business? No problem. Add new email accounts on the fly and continue growing your business without worrying about your email solution limiting you.