IT Support for Healthcare and Medical Practices
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IT Support for Healthcare and Medical Practices

As a physician or medical professional your job is to see and help as many patients as possible. If the computers you rely on are constantly down or ridden with spyware and viruses you can’t do that. You also put your patient’s privacy and confidential information at risk. Let’s face it; the “computer guy” you’ve been calling every time something breaks isn’t cutting it anymore. You need a full range of network support that no single person can offer in order to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Let us do what we do best, and you do what you do best, which is helping patients. Technology is taking over and improving efficiency in almost every aspect of business, especially in the medical field. You need to keep up, or be left in the dust of your competitors.

No Medical Practice is too small or too big

Our managed service contracts are scalable. We bill you based on how many users and/or devices you want us to maintain. Whether you have a small practice of 1-5 physicians, or a larger firm of 10-50, we’ve got you covered, and we’ve got a plan that makes sense for your bottom line. You won’t find any “cookie cutter” or “Bronze, Silver, Gold” packages here. Everything we do is custom fitted to your specific business needs.

Compliance and Data Protection

All medical practices are familiar with complying with HIPAA and HITECH laws. HIPAA requires your networks to be monitored in real time, and that they adhere to strict encryption standards that assure high levels of security to safeguard confidential patient information. We have the technical know-how necessary to comply with these laws and keep your network secure from hackers or other prying eyes. All of our managed services include technical compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Vendor Liaison

When we say we’re your “new virtual IT department”, we mean it. As part of all of our managed service contracts, we include contacting any third party vendors on your behalf. This includes software vendors for your medical records, e-prescriptions, labs, and EMR or EHR software vendors, printer and copier vendors, internet service providers, and hosting companies. We deal with all of these companies and step in when necessary so you don’t have to. Often times a “technical minded” person handling the call makes a world of difference in solving problems rather than having your in-house staff or office managers waste their time dealing with the gauntlet of nonsense you often find with first tier support personnel.

Truly invested in your practice

We have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed. Without your business, we have nothing. The IT consultants and account managers we assign to your account are constantly reviewing and finding new ways to improve efficiency and your bottom line. Audits for things like printing costs, telephone and internet services, hosting providers, paperless solutions, and software licensing costs are routinely and uniquely evaluated as part of all of our managed service contracts.


You may already have an “IT guy” or “computer guy”, especially if you’re a larger practice, but that doesn’t mean we can’t supplement and fill the gaps in to make sure you have non-stop 24x7x365 network monitoring and support. You’re “go-to” guy may be sick, on vacation, overwhelmed with work, and unable to do what’s necessary to keep things running at 100%. Our “no nonsense” contracts make it easy to leverage our expertise when you need it most.